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EP 4: Why are Cold Pressed Juices so expensive? What exactly is the consumer getting?

Happy Lunar New Year from the Cold Press Index team. During this festive season of red packets and celebration of family and Chinese tradition – wanted to address the concept of money.

Why are Cold Pressed Juices so darn expensive?

Our cheapest item on the menu would be Sweet Beets (R1) - $8.50. Let’s break down the cost structure:

Let’s dig deeper into each individual line item:

1. An example of the fruits/veggies at Cold Press Index – We take sourcing very seriously - we only procure the absolute best

Our hunt for top grade ingredients has a certain cost requirement.

At Cold Storage, you would find a kilogram of Australia Celery selling for $4.5 while at Sheng Siong you would find China Celery selling for S$2.7 (40% cheaper!).

2. Plastic bottles/stickers: Wholesale strategy

3. Labor: Incredibly tough given Singapore’s blue-collar crunch

4. Rent: Absolutely insane landlords

5. Depreciation: Initial upfront cost can range from 50-150k per store

6. Excess Inven