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What's Included?

'We share with you the secrets on how to craft the best juice in the world. Our years of juicing experience and menu development concise for you. This eBook includes all of CPI's recipes + industry tips on developing the best juice bar menu

Basics of building a juice

Creating your recipe

CPI's Recipe

- Juices

- Shots

- Smoothies

Building a Juice Cleanse

Offering different types of cleanses & why

How to do big batch production & scale

Juicers we use

Top accesories

Additional resources

What's Included?

'Have aspirations to open a juice bar? Here's your step-by-step guide. Caleb learned these lessons throughout the entire process of creating Cold Press Index. In the eBook, he teaches you how to minimize mistakes and strategies to win

Startup Cost

Financing Options

Choosing Location

Building Out / Choosing Architects / Contractors

Negotiating a Lease

Regulatory Bodies/SFA

Floor Plan

Choosing a Juicer

Menu Development

Bottles (glass vs plastic) + Label Design


Ordering Produce + Minimize Wastage

Calculating Profitability/Margins/Cost (Juice, Labor, Rent)

POS System

How To Crush The Competition

Juice shop ebook

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