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EP 6: You Talked, We Listened: The Power of Customer Feedback

At Cold Press Index, we are on a mission to nationalize cold pressed juices and to construct juices which meet three parameters: 1) highest quality/integrity, 2) affordability and 3) convenience. As we pride ourselves on being Singapore's only 8-Star Juicery, it's critical that we keep the customer experience at the forefront of every decision we make.

Customers Needs Will Shape The Future of Cold Pressed Juices

We launched Cold Press Index in 2020 with the intention of constructing the highest quality cold pressed juice and spreading the healing power of celery juice. We noticed that there was a huge gap in the Singapore market - with very few F&B players willing to sell juices that are freshly squeezed from: 1) fruits and vegetables, 2) use a cold press machine that operates at low heat and rpm (not a centrifugal juicer), 3) no ice/added sugar/water, 4) freshly squeezed and stored immediately at 2-5 degrees to prevent oxidation.

Our hypothesis was that the highest quality cold pressed juices was a low margin business and that there was insufficient customer demand.

  1. If there is minimal demand for truly high quality cold pressed juices and most customers do not know the difference between Boost Juice and a raw cold pressed juice - why go against the grain?

  2. If customers prefer paying 3-5$ for a "juice" with ice + sugar, why go against the grain and try making a juice with 100% fruits and vegetables (high cost)?

  3. If the customers focus is on taste and it being sweet, why bother with using nature's best produce fruits/vegetables? Sorbet and flavouring/sugar will be easier.

We decided to go against the grain. This is my journey, my adventure. I strongly believe that iteration is key. When our customers needs are at the forefront of our innovation decisions - we better serve them and it leads to more business.

Customers Identified Key Problems

Problem #1: What are the benefits of the juice?

When we first launched Cold Press Index, the goal was to approach juices from naturopathic perspective - to be able to communicate the health benefits of juices (such as detox/immunity boosting/weight loss). The feedback was that our labels did a poor job in communicating this and that the words on the labels were too small (hard to read).

We decided to use a white matte background instead of a transparent vinyl background to give greater readability. We also decided to incorporate more information such as the benefit of the juice, calories, number of vegetable/fruit servings. We will be launching this new format by end of March 2023.

Problem #2: How do I do a juice cleanse and is there a guide?

Many of our competitors were giving out physical (paper) juice cleanse instructions to guide the customer through their 3-5 day juice cleanse. From the onset - I did not want to use more paper and follow the crowd. But, most customers wanted a detailed guide that tells them what to drink, and at what time of the day, at what intervals.

Now, we just share the URL link with our customers and we make sure that our customers needs are taken care off.

Problem #3: How many calories am I consuming? Is there too much sugar?

Customers wanted more information - and they wanted to understand detailed nutritional statistics such as the number of calories, fruits/vegetable ratio, fresh/raw etc. With this new updated label - while clinical - I personally think that it is important to communicate why this bottle of juice is sold at $8-12/bottle.

Another pushback was that juices have too much sugar. With the current talk about nutritional sugar labelling by Singapore Food Agency, this conversation seems to be apt.

Every single bottle that Cold Press Index sells/sold/will sell is:

  1. 100% fruits and vegetables

  2. Zero water/ice

  3. Zero added sugar

The sweetness of the root/fruity juice comes 100% from raw fruits and vegetables (how nature intended).

Making Changes Based on the Crowd: Our Approach to Product Development

Cold Press Index is a customer-focused company in a food & beverage industry, While our competitors are focusing on a price war, we are focused on our customer's needs. We do this by constantly absorbing our online conversations, sharing it internally, and identifying solutions to improve the customer experience.

Come visit us at our newly launching Cold Press Index - Mapletree Business City. Opening Date will be 29 March 2023. See you there!

Address: 20 Pasir Panjang Rd, #02-32, Singapore 117439

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