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We are committed to making healthier options affordable and we want to make juices accessible to people, regardless of income. We want to make high nutrition a realistic option for everyone.

We are offering a 20% off subscription plan for members who commit to spend a minimum of S$200/month which equates to 4-5 juice cleanses a month. 

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Additional Information:

1. Upfront payment at the 1st day of every month (S$200) - We need all members to select manual payment and make payment via PayLah/PayNow/Google Pay - the reason is that Stripe charges us a processing fee of (3.4% + 50 cents) for every credit card transaction. This would help us a ton - to avoid these processing fees!

2. The S$200 minimum spent does not have to be in a single order. It can be spread out over multiple orders within a month.

3. The unique 20% promo code will be discontinued if the minimum spent is not hit - do reach out to us if you require an exception/extension.

4. Excess credits that are not used up in the month will expire - do reach out if special circumstances. We are only able to offer this special pricing for members who are committed to a certain spending quantum

*Drop us an email at coldpressindex@gmail.com if you have any additional enquires