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Pressed Membership 

When you sign up to be a Pressed Member. You'll get 20% off with every purchase.

Accessibility & Affordability

We are committed to making healthier options affordable and we want to make juices accessible to people, regardless of income. We want to make high nutrition a realistic option for everyone.

Get Access to VIP Savings

We are offering a 20% off subscription plan for members who commit to spend a minimum of S$200/month which equates to 4-5 juice cleanses a month. There is a minimum commitment of 3 months (600$ upfront). Three months renewal from thereoff.

How Does It Work?

1) Load up your credits - 200$/month (600$ for the first three months). 

2) Our team will create a VIP 20% code for you that you can use when ordering on our online store

3) Select manual payment when checking out and we will minus the credits accordingly

Detailed Instructions 

  1. Fill up your personal details in the membership program form

  2. Load up 600$ credits for the first three months (200x3). Transfer to Cold Press Index UEN: 202112328Z

  3. Email us at or drop us a text at +65 97298338 with payment confirmation

  4. Our team will register you in our Pressed Membership program and create a unique 20% code that you can start using immediately online

  5. When checking out online, key in your 20% code to enjoy the discount. Also, select manual payment.

  6. After each purchase - we will deduct your credits. Example: New member loads 600$ credits. Orders a 5 day juice cleanse (250 - 20% = 200$). Remaining credits = 600$ - 200$ = 400$.

  7. After the first three months, to continue the membership. To renew for the next three months - transfer 600$ to Cold Press Index UEN

  8. If credits are not loaded every three months cycle, we will discontinue your 20% code

  9. If the loaded credits of 600$ is not finished within the three months period, the credits loaded will be discontinued. (Eg. if you load 600$, and you only spend 550$ in the three month - the remaining 50$ will be forfeited). We can only offer this special wholesale discount to our committed customers!

  10. If traveling overseas or special circumstances - please drop us a text or email to pause or extend. We are happy to accommodate your needs.

Join Our Membership Program

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