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The Masterclass is for those looking for a comprehensive course that covers how to start a profitable juice business. We condense our years of experience with helping thousands of Singaporeans to detox and cleanse into a short course. Ready to start your journey? 

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What's Included?
Juice Shop Ebook

We cover everything that is needed to open a Juice Shop:

Startup Cost

Financing Options

Choosing Location

Building Out / Choosing Architects / Contractors

Negotiating a Lease

Regulatory Bodies/SFA

Floor Plan

Choosing a Juicer

Menu Development

Bottles (glass vs plastic) + Label Design


Ordering Produce + Minimize Wastage

Calculating Profitability/Margins/Cost (Juice, Labor, Rent)

POS System

How To Crush The Competition

Your Juice Business starts today! $1,999 

You will be emailed the curriculum after purchasing. If you would like to join the group please email with your order number after purchasing below

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