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Meet Cold Press Index

It was July 2020, and after 3 years of "100-Hour Workweeks", Caleb, our founder, burned out and was diagnosed with brain fog and sleep apnea at a young age of 26.


Caleb's original plan was to follow the conventional NUS Business graduate trajectory and delve deep into Finance, but doctors deemed his medical condition as severe - leading him to tender his resignation as an equity research analyst. He remembers his weekly visits to the doctors, undergoing surgery, sleeping with an assistive medical device and countless diagnostic test. The tricky part of illnesses is that, as you come into close contact with your own mortality, it changes everything - your values, your identity and your plans. 

Our Founder chanced upon juicing from Anthony Williams and figured that there was no inherent downside in committing to 500ml of celery juice every morning. Anthony William is the originator of the Global Celery Juice Movement and millions of people have healed thanks to drinking 16 ounces of straight celery juice on an empty stomach every day - a specific healing practice. 

Healing started to begin after 41 days of celery juice, and Caleb was stunned by his restored levels of energy and clarity. He recalls that he really wasn't supposed to make it - but somehow got a second chance in life, laden with grace and mercy.

Caleb went on to be the founder of Cold Press Index, a cold-pressed juice company that is transiting to a nationwide brand with APAC ambition, "Stop trying to run faster, and focus on one thing that had the biggest impact," he remembers thinking. That was, without a doubt, cold-pressed juice.  

Our founder has a vision to nationalize the healing power of raw celery juice and the the profound effect of a plant-based diet. Eating plants in their natural form is such a powerful underrated medicine, and it has been healing millions worldwide. If you are suffering or if you know someone who is suffering from chronic diseases, cancer, amongst them fatigue, brain fog, acne, eczema, addiction, ADHD, thyroid disorders, diabetes, SIBO, eating disorders, autoimmune disorders and Lyme diseases - it is time to consider committing to Celery Juice. 

Cold Press Index adopts an approach centered on accessibility and affordability. To those who can afford a S$12-15, 100% organic juice, there are many amazing options out there. For the rest of the world, we want to become a product that has high quality, integrity and accessibility. A single juice formerly cost between S$8.50-10, but we have slashed the price tag by 20%, though it applies only to members (customers who sign up to spend a minimum of S$200 per month).

We ventured into our second vertical - the global procurement of fruits and fresh fruits delivery. Our global procurement enables us to offer an extensive collection of seasonal fruits, from classic favourites to exotic specialities. With these two verticals, we seek to accelerate the pace of plant-based consumption through inspired and informed communication amongst the community in Singapore.