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EP 7: Introducing Cold Press Index 2.0

Two years ago I made a decision that enough is enough. I'm tired of being average. I'm tired of being good. I want to own the best cold pressed Juicery in the world and to get paid good money for it. To construct Singapore's first and only 8 star Juicery. To produce the absolute best cold pressed juices in the world. I made a decision that enough is enough. It's showtime. Introducing Cold Press Index 2.0

Cold Press Index 2.0

Our strategic expansion of physical real estate in 2023 has started to take roots at our new outlets at Mapletree Business City, Marina One and Fusionopolis. Within the Cold Pressed Juice space, we probably are closing the gap with EGA Juice Clinic to have the most number of physical retail shops in Singapore. Today's conversation is focused on the online real estate space and how the recent upgrade in our online sales channel enables us to better serve our customers, both corporate and individuals.

Sharing some features of our website revamp (iteration updates)

1. A more minimalist and clean look - focusing on typography that is less intimidating and more gentle.

2. New labels for our juices - with a focus on communicating the nutritional content (calories, ratio of veg/fruits, zero sugar added, health benefits). Also - white background for better visibility of the words

3. Providing greater support to the customer - with detailed juice cleanse instructions, recommended timings for juice cleanses to guide new customers who are attempting a cleanse for their first time. You can download our naturopathically designed juice cleanse guide PDF.

4. Sharing the origins of Cold Press Index and why we do what we do.

5. Key differentiation from all other cold pressed juice players in Singapore -detailing on our ethos/promise to our customers

6. Creating more value to our corporate customers via unparalled customer service and attention to detail. Alongside wholesale pricing, customised bottles/flavours and bespoke labels.

7. Focusing on the planet - and our work in progress on reducing our environmental impact/sustainability

8. Knowledge hub + blog for better customer education

Cold Press Index Version 2.0

Do let us know your feedback on these iterations so that we can better serve the needs of our customers.

Lazy people do a little work and feel like they should be winning. Winners work as hard as possible and still worry they’re being lazy.

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