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How To Recycle CPI Items Responsibly: Plant-Forward & Planet-Focused

We love our planet Earth - upcycling and recycling are important to us! We want to make sure you know how to get all our packaging into the recycling system correctly.

Pomegranate Juice


How to recycle our PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles

1. Empty, rinse and dry slightly.
2. Place the cap back on the bottle (not only is the bottle cap recyclable, but replacing the cap prevents other contaminants/rainwater from entering the bottle)
3. Ready for the recycling bin

More Tips for Curbside Recycling Right

1. Know your stream! Single-stream allows people to throw all recyclables into a single bin, while dual-stream requires the separation of recyclables into specific categorical bins
2. Keep your recycling bin shut to keep rainwater away from paper and cardboard recyclables. Wet or soiled paper items cannot be recycled.
3. Leave the labels - while it is tempting to remove product labels - they are often adequately removed in the recycling process.

Taking A Moment To Dispose Of Your Bottle Properly Is Just One Of The Ways We Can Work Together To Protect Our Planet!

Cold Press Index 100% recyclable cardboard box
Ice Gel packs.png
Cold Press Index recyclable ice gel packs
Ice Gel packs.png

Multi-Pack Boxes

How To Recycle Box:

1. Empty contents of box.
2. Use scissors or a flat object to cut the tape, break down and flatten the carton box.
3. Ready to recycle!

How To Recycle Ice Gel Packs:

1. To reuse - pop it in the freezer and use in lunch boxes, coolers to keep items chilled!
2. To recycle - thaw the pouch and cut the corners, then carefully pour the contents into trash.
3. Recycle empty plastic pouches in curbside recycling bins.

Kraft Paper Bags (230 gsm)

Cold Press Index 100% recyclable paper bag

How To Recycle Paper Bags:

1. Empty contents.
2. Make sure that bags are clean & dry. 
3. Ready for the recycling bin!

Fun Fact: Our paper bags are 230 gsm (grams per square metre) which is just enough material to carry the juices during transport. If the sides of the bags are slightly wet - don't worry! 

Thank You For Playing A Part In Keeping Our Earth Forever Fresh By Recycling


We Are A Work In Progress -
And Reducing Our Environmental Impact Is Our Ongoing Goal

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