Corporate Events



Nutritious juice delivered to you! Feel the difference and serve made-to-order raw and real cold-pressed juices at your upcoming event. Mix and match from our ten juices from our greens, roots and fruits blends. From corporate and wellness events, to festivals, pop-up shops, outdoor adventures, life celebrations or a casual get together, nourish your body with fresh juice that will fuel your mind, body and spirit. 

Drop us an email at or give us a text/call at +6597298338 for more information about serving juices at your next event. Keep it real with fresh, nutritious and 100% plant-based cold pressed juices.

Bulk Discount

Wholesale Pricing

We offer corporate discounts ranging from 10 - 30% with a minimum order quantity starting from 100 bottles. We provide delivery services to your location and bundle it with cold chain logistics to keep your juices chilled during transport. We can also customize the taste/colour of the juice to suit your needs. 

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Glass or Plastic Bottles

Customized Bottles

Glass or Plastic bottles? We got it both. Glass would be a slightly more expensive option which elevates the premium experience for your customer. We offer different sizes starting from 200ml to 500ml of juice. 

Customised Labels

Customized Labels

We provide customization of juice labels to you needs! Whether it is incorporating the logo of your brand, adding your company's slogan - we are eager to elevate your brand. Let's reimagine, reconstruct and innovate together. 

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