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Leave A Lasting Impression: Plant-Based Deliciousness, Customised, 100% Execution Track Record

Cold Press Index is the Rolls Royce of Cold Pressed Juices and we're the only 8 star Juicery in Singapore. 

Unbelievable taste, unparalleled customer service and attention to detail is what we offer to our corporate partners. Help us understand more of your requirements and we'll make sure that your needs are well taken care off. We will recommend to you our top sellers from our range of green, root and fruity blends. Drop us an email at or give us a text/call at +65 97298338 for more information about serving juices at your next event. We're here to take care of you!

Wholesale Pricing

We offer corporate discounts ranging from 10-30% with a minimum order quantity starting from 100 bottles. We provide delivery services to your location and bundle it with cold chain logistics to keep your juices chilled during transport. We can also customize the taste/colour of the juice to suit your needs. 

Case study: Corporate client wanted to customize the juice colour to the exact RGB shade of their upcoming lipstick launch.  Offered couple of samples of varying red intensities to create a perfect match.

Customized Bottles

Glass or Plastic bottles? We got both. Glass would be a slightly more expensive option which elevates the premium experience for your customer. We offer different sizes starting from 200ml to 500ml of juice. 

Case study: Luxury brand wanted gold lid glass bottles alongside setting up a recycling program to collect back the used glass bottles.

Bespoke Labels

We provide customization of juice labels to suit your needs! Whether it is incorporating the logo of your brand, adding your company's slogan - we are eager to elevate your brand. Let's reimagine, reconstruct and innovate together. 

Founder of Cold Press Index

CEO and Founder of Cold Press Index

Caleb Pang (@thejuicemedic)

Complimentary Design Artwork Session

For luxury brands or corporates wishing to cater to larger events of more than 1,000 bottles. We offer a complimentary artwork session where Caleb (Founder of Cold Press Index) will come down to your office and work together with your design team on the design/label. 

Thought process behind the design consultation

1. Improve end product/customer branding experience

2. Speed up overall execution

Pantry Supply of Juices

Corporate Offices

Pantry Juice.jpg

Juice Dispenser

High Quality Glass Dispenser

Juice Dispenser for Meetings

Outdoor Events

Styrofoam Box or Glass Display Fridge

Outdoor Juice Events.jpg

Juice Cart

Elevate Your Event With Mobile Cart

Juice Cart.jpg

Live Juicing Station

Freshly Pressed Juice For Your Staff

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