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Naturopathically designed bundle

3x Christmas Punch (F5) - Joy + Anti-ageing | Pomegranate, Red Pitaya, Red Apple, Orange

3x The Grinch (F6) - Detox + Glowing Skin |  Cucumber, Baby Spinach, Pineapple, Green Apple


They’ve got enough stuff.


Get them what they really want, the gift of good health. 💚


Introducing the "Christmas Gift Bundle," the perfect Christmas gift to spread health and joy during the holiday season!


This carefully curated bundle features an assortment of cold-pressed juices designed to rejuvenate, energize, and nourish, offering a delightful and health-conscious gift for loved ones:

Christmas Gift Bundle

  • Don't get separation anxiety.

    Seperation & sediment is normal for natural, cold pressed juice. Shake gently before consuming.

  • Caution: This is an unpasteurised (raw)

    Fresh product - it is not recommended for pregnant women, elderly or persons with weakened immune systems. 

  • Keep refrigerated below 5°C at all times

    Must be consumed by use by date. Consume all juice upon opening.

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