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Live Your Most Vibrant Life

Cold Pressed Juice & Low-Sugar Juice Cleanse 

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Taste, Incredible

From busy homes to executive offices, our juices power health-conscious go-getters to kick unhealthy habits, lose weight, gain more mental clarity, increase energy and maximise overall well-being. We’re here to kick-start your health journey, help you feel better,  and give you that wonderful glow.

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Cleanse 1 - General  Immunity & Energy

If you're new to cleansing, this is the juice cleanse for you. Great-tasting, no green juices and non-intimidating.

Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

Cleanse 2 - Weight Loss &  Normalize Digestion

Our signature program - a light, sweeter selection for raw juice lovers who prefer a splash of fruit with their veggies

Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse 3

Cleanse 3 - Weight Loss & Lymphatic Cleanse

This cleanse has the lowest glycemic index and will provide an advanced reset - with green juices providing essential nutrients for a deep health overhaul.

Juice Bundle Midday Reboot

Discover Our
Juice Bundles

We've taken the guesswork out of creating a wellness routine that makes sense. We're here to kick-start your health journey, help you feel better, restore your energy and give you that wonderful glow.

How To Enjoy Cold Press Index


Local Delivery

Free delivery for orders above $150. Delivery fee of $8 for smaller orders


In Store Pick Up

Skip the line. Order and pick up from your local store. Easy as that


Delivery Dates

Monday: 2pm-9pm
(Order by Midday Sunday)

Friday: 2pm-9pm 
(Order by Midday Thursday)

Detox Your Body. Transform Your Life. That's What We Did...

Cold Press Index is an established 8-Star Juicery in Singapore that is focused on your well being. We are obsessed with juicing and have helped thousands of Singaporeans to detox their bodies and transform their lives. When it comes to your health and wellness, we never take shortcuts.

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