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Why Cold Pressed Juices

Cold pressed juices are liquid gold elixirs - pure nutrition. Experience a flood of nutrients entering your gastrointestinal tracts and thank us later! Cold pressed juices changed our lives and we are excited to bring you onboard!

Nutrient Dense

Zero water, zero added sugar. Our juices are made by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables. Each bottle (300ml) requires us to juice around 0.5kg of fruits and vegetables (conversion rate ~60%). It is simply impossible to consume fruits and vegetables at this scale. We also include Ayurvedic ingredients (turmeric, ginger, lemon, pomegranate) and superfoods (kale, beetroot, baby spinach) - and make them easily accessible in just one bottle.

Short Shelf Life

​Our juices are never pasteurized and are always fresh. We're proud of our short shelf life (4-5 days) - which means that you're always getting what we just made. Keeping it raw ensures that each bottle contains the most amount of nutrition in each drop. Thermal preservation (heat) or HPP (high pressure pasteurization) is commonly carried out on beverages - these processes, while helpful in killing bacteria, can kill up to 70-80% of the nutrients.

Extraction Technique

Our promise to use the highest quality ingredients is just the start. It matters how we treat them. We cold press our fruits and vegetables (minimal heat and low RPM) as it is the most superior technique to ensure that all the goodness and nourishment (phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and soluble fibre) is extracted into your juice and subsequently, into your body.

Intentionally Crafted

Every ingredient that we use in our juices is chosen specifically to promote your wellbeing. There is healing power in consuming large quantities of raw fruits and vegetables! We take it very seriously to quality control every single juice that leaves our kitchen and we do our best to communicate the nutritional information of each juice to you. We believe in information transparency and we provide as much information on our juices/cleanse - the calorie count, veg/fruits ratio & nutritional benefits.

Plant-Based Deliciousness

We take taste seriously. We spent hours crafting every juice, shot, cleanse - making sure that everything that leaves our kitchen is absolutely delicious.

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