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Naturopathically designed bundle

3x Immunity (R2) - Immunity & Weight Loss | Orange, Carrot, Turmeric, Ginger

3x Orange Ginger Shot - Immunity Shot | Ginger, Orange

3x Orange Turmeric Shot - Immunity Booster | Turmeric, Orange


For maximum benefit, we recommend drinking the shots in the morning on an empty stomach before you start your day. Consume the orange juice (R2) either immediately after the shots, or throughout the day as a nutrient booster. 


Total bundle vital stats

Contents: 9 items (310ml/60ml/60ml each) 
Calories: 603 cal

Veg serves: 14.3
Fruit serves: 9.8

Sugar: all natural, never added

Shelf life: 5 days


Nutritional Information: Ramp up your immunity with this vitamin C-packed bundle, which combines juices and functional shots designed for daily wellness support. Add extra fluids and nutrients into your routine for added hydration and antioxidants.


Immunity (R2) - A homemade vitamin shot - packed with vitamin A, C, trace vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Carrots are packed with beta carotenes that is converted into vitamin A and is known to increase bile secretion which helps in shedding extra kilos. Oranges are filled with Vitamin C, boost immunity and protects from cold/flu.


Turmeric Shots are a great addition to your daily wellness plan. It stimulates the body’s natural detoxifying process, strengthens your immunity, and reduces inflammation. The vibrant yellow turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and is rich in antioxidants that neutralizes free radicals. The curcumin in turmeric also combats degenerative disease in the brain and can help to combat depression.


Ginger shots are our most popular immunity shot that delivers a super-concentrated burst of ginger juice. The potent flavour of fresh ginger leaves a fiery sensation in your mouth, packed with powerful anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, and antioxidant properties. Ginger is a flowering plant that originates from China and has a long history in both traditional and alternative medicine. Ginger has been used to treat nausea, indigestion, muscle soreness and osteoarthritis.

Vitamin C Bundle

  • Don't get separation anxiety.

    Seperation & sediment is normal for natural, cold pressed juice. Shake gently before consuming.

  • Caution: This is an unpasteurised (raw)

    Fresh product - it is not recommended for pregnant women, elderly or persons with weakened immune systems. 

  • Keep refrigerated below 5°C at all times