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EP 1: Nationalising Cold Pressed Juices Means The World To Me

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

My Story

I fell really sick in the second half of 2020. I lost a significant chunk of my cognitive abilities, had terrible sleep apnea (waking up 20 times/hour) and was tormented with brain fog. The body of a 26 year old was shutting down - working as an equity research analyst and trading US market hours took a debilitating toll on my human body.

It really wasn't a choice for me - I submitted my resignation in Sep 2020 to intentionally take time off to prioritize my health. It was excruciating - the weekly visits to the doctors/specialist, undergoing surgery, sleeping with a BiPAP and countless diagnostic tests.

Growing up, I was conditioned to be disciplined, to chase the beautiful horizon that awaits, and to put in the necessary hours to hone my craft. Working 100 hours work-weeks enabled me to condense what people do in 2.5 years in under a year. This pursuit of efficiency, maximizing life, or what we call biophilia was all I knew.

After tendering my resignation, I slowed down. My life was simple - waking up, exercising, meditating, cooking and sleeping - with zero worries or deliverables. My singular focus was to recover - and huge gratitude to my parents for their support.

Anyways, I healed after consuming raw celery juice for 41 days straight alongside an upper airway surgery (Dr Kenny Pang @Asia Sleep Centre). I drank 0.5 litres of celery juice every morning - a specific healing practice and somehow got a second chance in life. My energy levels and clarity spiked.

I went on to be the founder of Cold Press Index. My thought process was "Stop trying to run faster, and focus on one thing that had the biggest impact" - that was, without a doubt, cold-pressed juices.

Some of my observations:

  1. There is healing power in raw celery juice - experiential knowledge

  2. Plant based diet has a profound effect and has been healing millions worldwide

  3. Cold pressed juices condenses a huge volume of plants, extracts liquid nutrients into a bottle - convenient to human consumption

I spent my entire 2021 trying to understand how 0.5 litres of celery juice facilitated my healing - and these are some of my thoughts:

  1. Celery Juice is powerful when drank solo on an empty stomach - contains alkaline properties which help to neutralize the acidic load in our gastrointestinal tracts. Fun fact - the ideal PH in the human body is slightly alkaline at 7.4

  2. Celery Juice contains natural sodium mineral salts that help to break down pathogens, flush out viruses/bacteria/neurotoxins from the crevice of the body.

  3. Fasting is an age old tradition that is rooted in our history (Hippocrates - 5th Century BC). Going on a juice cleanse is a form of fasting that can refresh and reinvigorate.

  4. Nutrition in the form of a vegetarian diet is the key to human health and our modern diet/overconsumption of meat is the leading cause of premature death and disability.

Remember that what I don't know is much greater than what I know.

In trying to understand some of my thoughts and observations, I felt like an ant trying to understand the universe. I had more questions than answers, and I knew that I was delving into subject matters that others have devoted their lives to studying (M