Juice Cleanse for Weight Loss & Lymphatic Cleanse
Improves Energy Levels & Lower Blood Pressure

Cleanse 3 | For the Experienced


  Hit Reset.

Take a few small steps towards a brighter, lighter you. Our juices & cleanses are designed to bring you nutrients while giving your digestive system a break

See step-by-step guide below


Regular Pricing

Our most intense cleanse, the green juices will alkalise your body and provide you with endless amounts of fresh goodness. If you are an experienced juicer or you are seeking our lowest natural sugar option, our Green Cleanse is the answer. Upon waking, drink your first juice, and drink your next juice in order every two hours thereafter.


For the Experienced

With the most amount of green juices, we recommend this for green juice lovers or seasoned cleansers

Lowest Glycemic Index

This cleanse is packed with the least amount of sugar and calories out of all our programs.


Advanced Reset

Our green juices provide essential nutrients which are the powerhouses of your juice cleanse and a deep health overhaul.

Included in each Cleanse 3 pack (6 x 300ml): 

2x Green Machine | Kale, Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Ginger, Lemon
1x Super Green | Spinach, Cucumber, Pear, Coriander, Basil, Turmeric, Ginger, Lemon 
2x Celery Juice | Celery, Lemon
1x Refresh | Pineapple, Pear, Ginger, Mint

JUICE CLEANSE We recommend drinking all six juices in one day. If you're cleansing for more than a day, make sure you purchase more than 1 cleanse.

3 Day Cleanse - Order 3 sets and consume 6 bottles a day
1 Day Cleanse - Order 1 set and consume 6 bottles a day

MINI CLEANSE An alternative approach that can be gradually integrated into your lifestyle is to consume the six juices over three days. 

Mini Cleanse - Order 1 set and consume 6 bottles over 3 days

Juice Cleanse Guide

Start your day with Celery Juice and drink the rest of your juices every two hours throughout the day. Have some almonds or warm broth if you are feeling hungry! Remember to listen to your body.


Morning | Celery Juice 

Start your day with our lowest calorie green juice for amazing hydration & detox

Mid Morning | Green Machine

Add another clean green to your system for the maximum amount of vitamins & minerals


Noon | Super Green

Your mid-day juice is a delicious balance of greens and pear.


Afternoon | Refresh

Time for an aromatic beverage to wake you up from an afternoon slump

Late Afternoon | Celery Juice

Pump in another raw celery juice to nourish your body

Night | Green Machine

Finish strong & satisfied with ending the day on a strong note. Look, think & feel good

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