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Why Our Programs Work

Cold Press Index programs work because they are carefully crafted, nutrient-dense, and a 100% natural way to reduce the toxic load building up in your body from everyday living.

Our society is chronically deficient in fruits and vegetables - most of us don't get our minimum 5 servings of veg and 2 servings of fruits per day. This deficiency alongside the excess consumption of processed food, meat, salt and sugar can lead to lifestyle diseases and sub-optimal lives. 

We get it. Life is too short, YOLO. Life is also busy with work, friends, family, social commitments, exercise. We've been there - and we burned out - that's why we're so excited to discover and advocate a juice cleanse program that actually works. Celery juice changed our founder's life - it was a radical rescue from working crazy hours in the finance industry. We are obsessed with learning everything we can about cleansing, detoxification and wellness - and sharing it with you.  

Our programs work because they give you an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables that you normally miss out on. Each juice cleanse contains 3kg of fruits and vegetables - enabling your body to absorb the most amount of nutrients with the least amount of effort.

Our programs also work because we don't compromise. We never skip any steps, we apply strict quality control and we are also incredibly transparent about how much calories, fruits/veg ratios in our juices. We promise that it is always from fresh fruits and vegetables and our commitment to you is that we only use the very best produce (Class 1 produce).

We do all the hard work for you to ensure that you're getting exactly what you need, in the right order, at the right time of the day to help your body thrive. you get access to unparalleled support from us throughout your cleanse and we provide full juice cleanse guides to optimize your results.

Click Here To Explore Our Different Cleanse Options & Live Your Most Vibrant Life


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