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Premium Fresh Fruits

Taste the most exceptional fruits of the season. From global farms to your home.

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Together, we seek to accelerate the pace of plant-based consumption in Singapore through inspired and informed communication amongst the community in Singapore

Creating Shared Value

If you’re looking to order fruits online, look no further than the experts at Cold Press Index. Our expertise in global procurement enables us to offer an extensive collection of seasonal fruits, from classic favorites to exotic specialties. Our fruit delivery service makes it easier to enjoy fresh fruits from the comfort of home.

Like-Minded Community

Our mission to procure the best produce started from an attempt to fuel our families and loved ones with the absolute best. When fruits rest on supermarket shelves or are in transit, oxidation leads to the decay of phytonutrients and vitamins. Our expertise in logistics enables us to minimize the time that your fruit spends outside the originally sealed carton box, and straight from our cold room to your doorstep. shelves. The correct temperature of our cold room (2-4 degrees) protects the freshness of the fruits better than the traditional supermarket. 

 Advocacy through Fruit Gifts

Fruit gifts are always a thoughtful and appreciated gesture and it speaks volumes about the gift giver – sophisticated, thoughtful, and conscientious. Arrange a fresh fruit delivery today – for yourself or your family or send fruits as a thoughtful gift! 

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