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Naturopath Consultation with Caleb (Founder of Cold Press Index)

Guiding Your Natural

Health Journey

Cold Press Index Founder

CEO and Founder of Cold Press Index

Caleb Pang (@thejuicemedic)

A Naturopathic Approach to Modern Life

Working closely with each patient, Caleb dives deep into underlying and often-overlooked aspects of our lives and bodies to uncover the root causes of health and wellness. From there, naturopathic health plans are created - from detox programs, incorporating plant-based juices, to addressing issues like sleep, work-life balance, stress levels, hormone imbalances and everything in between - that help you become your healthiest and happiest self.

My Philosophy

As the Founder of Cold Press Index, I try to live each day incorporating the same healthy lifestyle that I suggest to my patients.

Be Your Best Self Everyday. Healthy nutrition, along with exercise and regulating your sleep cycle is crucial to feeling optimal. A healthy work-life balance, adequate "Me Time" and fulfilling relationships with family and friends are all priorities that I encourage my patients to incorporate into their daily routines. 

My goal is to help you be your best self, feeling great and looking your best with energy to spare and approaching life with a positive mindset. 

Schedule an appointment to begin your own wellness plan towards achieving optimal physical and mental health.

Your Journey Starts Here

Juice mixologist of micronutrients . Extreme accountability. Survival of brain fog, sleep apnea, pneumothorax & bruxism. Interest: finance, chess, plant-based nutrition, reading, working out

Caleb's High Performance Morning Routine waking up at 5am, drinking 0.5 litres of celery juice, heading straight to the gym before sunrise

Pricing for Naturopathic Consultations with Caleb:

60 Minutes - $500

45 Minutes -  $400

30 Minutes - $350

15 Minutes - $200

Naturopathic Modalities

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